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Malaysia’s Must Watch Movie “Sangkar” Comes Out 29 August

It’s not just a battle on the ring



This week FlyFM got the chance to watch one of Malaysia’s most anticipated film, “Sangkar”.

The film directed by Kabir Bhatia, introduces Malaysia’s first ever Malay-language MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) action drama film.

The film features a star studded cast, including Zul Ariffin, Remy Ishak, Mira Filzah & James “Sledgehammer” McSweeney.

Via Sembang Filem

“Sangkar” is a story of two MMA fighters- Adam (played by Zul Ariffin) and Johan (Remy Ishak), who don’t get along inside and outside the ring. The enemies finds themselves in a fight outside of the ring, which results in Johan getting seriously injured. Filled with guilt, Adam attempts to redeem himself by resorting to underground fights for monetary gains to support Johan’s family. Johan on the other hand faces his own struggles and continues to fight for his health for the sake of his family.

The story follows both Adam and Johan’s journey to conquer their obstacles and misfortunes in the hope of a better future.

“Sangkar,” is unlike many movies that Malaysians have seen throughout the years, forget a love story between two opposite sex conquering their family drama, this is a story of friendship, unity, and self-acceptance.

What I love the most about the film is the chemistry between Zul and Remy. It’s a story of two enemies, with two complete different beliefs, who finds themselves creating a friendship through the unlikeliest circumstance. How does one forgive the person that hurt them in the first place? Is something that will stick out from the movie ,and will question its audience how they would react if they were in that shoe.


Overall, I would highly recommend movie goers to take the opportunity to watch this well-made film. I may sound bias, but in my genuine opinion, this is a must watch Malay- language movie, that is worth your time.

This also marks as the first big collaboration between two media giants Media Prima and Astro Shaw, together with Infinitus Gold and mm2 Entertainment.

‘Sangkar’ is out in theatres 29 august 2019!

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