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Mamak Employee Seen Feeding OKU Man, Warms Netizens Hearts




Image Via Twitter

Ahhh just when we needed faith in humanity.

A photo of a mamak worker feeding a disabled man in Skudai, Johor has gone viral on Twitter.

The photo taken at rest Restoran SA Maju, was uploaded onto Twitter on 22 April, and has already garnered 28,000 retweets, as of writing.

The man’s act of kindness caught the netizens attention, which he later shared on his twitter feed.

One netizen retweeted the picture identifying the employee as “Imran.”

“Nama mamak tu Imran kalau nak tahu, dia nampak je sombong tapi berhati mulia sudah 5 tahun berbakti dengan sa maju. Layanan mmg tiptop…”

Translation: “FYI the mamak’s name is Imran. He looks arrogant, but he has a kind heart and has worked at SA maju for 5 years. His services is excellent.”

Via Giphy

You’ve definitely warmed our hearts, Imran!

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