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Man Gets His Car Covered In Sanitary Pads For Parking Illegally

Pad-an muka!



People who illegal park will forever annoy us, but more than likely we will sigh, roll our eyes and drive/walk away.

This wasn’t the case for an unfortunate man in Hanoi, Vietnam, angry road users were not about to let the reckless driver go after he left his car illegally on the streets, blocking other cars from coming through.

As a result of his inconsiderate behavior, the man came back to see his car, a Maserati, fully decorated in beautiful patterns of- SANITARY PADS.

Mortified by the look of his car, he frantically attempted to tear off the pads from his vehicle- But FAILED! LOL.

The glue on the pads were way too strong to come off. Frankly, we believe that karma was just in his face saying, hell nah you’re not getting away with this.

Via Giphy

Much to his despair, the man was forced to drive off with sanitary pads all over his car.

Too bad the wings on the pads can’t help him fly or it would’ve saved him from the embarrassment!

Let’s hope this man learned his lesson!

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