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Man Hand Washes His Car At Petrol Station Without Filling Petrol

OMG malu…



We’ve all gone to the petrol station to fill up petrol, and while waiting for it to complete we sometimes end up taking the glass window wipers to clean our own windows.

But one man in Penang on the other hand decided why just clean the window when you can the whole car- for FREE.

A social media Instagram account @makcik_puaka posted a picture of a man at a Petronas petrol station minding his business and washing away his car like there’s nothing wrong.

The account captioned “Kenapa orang penang macam ni? Minggu lepas masa Ikea bukak banyak jakun keluar gua, ni kat Petronas di bantai nya basuh kereta pakai pengelap wiper tu.. Lagi haru dia tak isi minyak pun 🤔” – Translation; “Why are Penang people like this. Last week when Ikea (officially) opened many  were “jakun” coming out from a cave, now at Petronas a man “bantai” wash the car with a window wiper”

The man shamelessly continues to wash the top of his car, the sides, and rinse his vehicle multiple times next to the petrol pump.


The last picture was a caption from a man who said, “Meanwhile, today, in ridiculous things that Penang driver would do, this fella actually washed his car at a petrol pump. He WASHED THE WHOLE CAR. Refilled water can 3X, using the petronas windscreen sponce and wiper. Ground soaking wet. Best part didn’t filled”.

Netizens were pretty embarrassed by the man’s behavior, and we have to agree. I mean, if you can afford a nice car, then you can spend atleast RM10 for car wash!

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