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Man Invents An Upside Down Hair Washing Machine For The Lazy!

Too lazy to wash your hair? This man has a solution for you.



Via Weibo

In China, an inventor named the“Handyman Di, has created a unique machine for people to simply wash their hair without putting much effort.

The video posted on Weibo,  shows Di demonstrating how his machine works. He explained that washing hair can be time and energy consuming, and washing your hair and scalp with force can also damage your hair. This prompt him to find an innovative solution.

The machine was inspired to create an automated hair washing machine that can also double as a hairdryer.

Watch as Handyman Di demonstrates his work;

Via YouTube

Not sure if this would be the most convenient thing to have in your house but this invention sure is clever, and his hair did turned out great! Would you ever buy his hair washing machine?

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