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Fly's AM Mayhem

Mark O’Dea and Airliftz Make Amends With Malaysia Through Fly’s AM Mayhem

 It’ really never is too late to make amends, come clean or just to apologize!



With the passing of influential people such as Kobe Bryant, Ashraf Sinclair, Abam Bocey, within 2 months into the year of 2020, it makes us reflect on what if today is our last day and how it is never too late to make amends with those we have wronged.

Hafiz, Guibo and RD went on a mission to help people around them to make amends for any wrong doings or hurt they have caused.


The One Who Lied To Malaysia

He got Malaysians excited for him by telling us that he met Justin Bieber. We got Mark in the studio to clarify his prank, why he did what he did. 

What seemingly was an innocent prank got one of our listeners who is also Mark’s fan, embarrassed.

The One That Held The Truth

RD started the year with the intention to help people be brave to do what they want to do by doing it first. A caller wanted to bleach her hair, so he did it on his. Another wanted a tattoo, so he got that done too. 

What RD didn’t tell us was that his mom wanted to be a part of his first tattoo experience. 

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⚡️#FlyMakingAmends ⚡️2 months in and @rdisweird still has NOT told his mom about his hair and tattoo! Tune in tomorrow 8AM on #FlyAMMayhem as RD comes clean to his mom 😱

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We got RD to confess to his mom and apologize for robbing that experience from her. 

The One Who Broke A Pact

 Airliftz leaked his single “Nice To Meet Ya” without his manager knowing. 

So to make amends, Airliftz calls up his manager on air to say sorry. 

Don’t worry, Airliftz will be airing his song exclusively for the first time on Fly’s AM Mayhem today!

You know, saying sorry is probably the simplest thing one can do, to make amends, but it’s rarely even done. So FlyAmMayhem, good job! And we hope it inspires you to make amends to the people you have done wrong to. It really never is too late to say sorry, come clean or just to make amends.

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