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Marvel Has No Plans To Film Deadpool 3 For At Least Five Years

Noooo we want Deadpool 3!




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I think it goes without saying that Deadpool  is one of the best, most out of the box Marvel superhero movie ever made! Despite hot demand to have another sequel Deadpool movie franchise, Marvel Studios has no plans to build on it for quite a while.

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Which and what Disney owns when it comes to Marvel movie rights has been a tangled web for a while. However, thanks to Disney buying anything that moves, the lay of the land is starting to look a little clearer.

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The co-creator of the Deadpool comics Rob Liefeld told in an interview that there will not be another installment to the sequel in the franchise for at least five years. Liefeld revealed that he has in fact seen Disney’s plans for Marvel movies over the next half a decade, however there is no mention made when production will begin on a third Deadpool movie.

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While this uncertainty is bad for us Deadpool fans but it’s good news for Liefield. The Deadpool creator admitted earlier this year that he doesn’t think the franchise even needs a third movie!

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I guess we’re in for a very long wait. Most probably extended further by the COVID-19 outbreak as it continues to impact Hollywood productions.

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