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Meghan Markle Sets Her ‘Suits’ Aside for The Royal Ring!

The prince has ‘”Put a ring on it”! And we cannottttt be more thrilled!

Via Giphy

The 36 year old actress from Suits and Prince Harry, announced their engagement on Monday, after 18 month of dating. She explains that she will be leaving the show, after 7 years.

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Not only will the actress be leaving Suits, she has also decided to retire from acting! But…It doesn’t come as too big as a surprise when you’re marrying into Royalty!

According to Markle, who served as a UN Ambassador and also studied in international relations, doesn’t see it as giving something up.

But rather as starting a new period in her life. “I see it is a new change, a new chapter”.

Via Giphy

Twitter has been buzzinggg on their engagement. Here’s a few we’ve seen so far…

They even got congratulated by the former USA president, Obama!

What are your thoughts on their engagement???

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