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‘’Mochi Skin’’ Is The Latest J-Beauty Version Of Glass Skin

Your extensive morning skincare routine just got a lot simpler




Like glass skin, ‘’mochi skin’’ is a skin often sought after not only in Korea, but also Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries across Asia based on the Japanese rice cake of the same name. For those unfamiliar, mochi is a deliciously chewy snack—also known as ‘Mochi Hada’—that is typically round and often filled with red bean paste or ice cream. 


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In human form, mochi skin is soft, plump, and free of lines or dryness. The overall goal is to look just like baby skin. Think the velvety, soft outside of a domed Mochi ball, but for your skin.

So, how to get the flawless Mochi Skin? Hint: it’s not by eating rice balls. Instead, the secret to that satisfyingly plump glow is multiple layers of hydrating skincare using as few products as possible. 

How To Start? 

Start simple by double cleansing every morning and evening followed by a lotion and a lightweight moisturiser or serum. Wrap it up with a SPF and add in a hydrating mask every other day and Mochi Skin will be within your grasp. However, if you’re acne-prone, he recommends reaching for a cleanser formulated with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Btw, If you eat rice every day (ofc you do, you’re Asian), you can also sub in rice water for toner in a pinch.


How About Exfoliate? 

While a good old face scrub can be satisfying, J-Beauty principles generally avoid a physical exfoliator, believing they can create micro-tears in the skin which can be damaging (side-eyeing Apricot scrub). Instead, a solid double cleanse and gentle layering of hydrating products are enough to achieve those Mochi Skin way of ageless’ glow. 

Additional Treatment

Beyond your daily skin-care routine, you can visit your dermatologist to support your mochi skin dreams with in-office treatments. Be sure to skip acid-based peels, though, as they’ll give your skin more of a glassy glow. You may want to reduce the frequency of your acid-infused liquid exfoliants, too. 

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