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Fly’s AM Mayhem #FoodDudes


Happy Go Luck

Be happy and go lucky!

Working Homies

This playlist will accompany you through your working hours!  

After-work Stroll

It's time to take a break from your hectic day.

Peace Of Mind

Rest your mind a bit today.

Urban Midnight

Let us run away and never look back.

Sweet Lullabies

Crawl in your bed and close your eyes. Goodnight!

Happy Little Pills

Be happy and smile as wide as possible while you still have teeth!

Me, Myself and I

Leave some lonely time just for yourself.


Don't take things too seriously, just chill and relax sometimes.

Night Ride

Late nights, deep thoughts and good music.

Thank You, Next

Mistakes are proof that you are trying, don't ever stop trying!

Cozy Day

Put on your earphone and cuddle into your blanket while listening!

Undo Negativity

Replace every negative thought with a positive one!

Mood Booster

Boost up your bad mood with us!

It’s Teatime

Have a break and enjoy your coffee or tea while listening to this.

Make A Wish!

Never too late for a birthday celebration!

Scorching Hot!

Something to quench your thirst whenever it's hot out there

Lazy Day

Stay in your bed and put this on to accompany you

Sunday Morning

Put this on to doze you back to sleep on Sundays


The songs that will make you drool... Literally

A Cuppa Playlist

A good cup of coffee is much more delicious now

Study Buddy

Search for your mojo here and pass with flying colours!

Eyes Wide Open!

Rise and shine, time to start the day with us!

Weekends Vibe

Preparing you for the weekends!

Read Our Notes!

Food to your ears while feeding your minds

A Tribute

Serenading their songs to them!

Morning Tunes

Mornings are usually hyped and upbeat, but they could also be slow and easy.

Bedtime Lounge

8 hours of sleep also means 8 hours of great music.

Summer Soundtracks

Sun's out, bun's out, oops!

Chill Lounge

Chilly Willy, champagne tickling.

Minum Kopi Lah!

Aroma from the beans, beautiful sound from the milk steaming.

R&B Party

A massive throwback party to just the best you need.

Happy Pops

Live, laugh and listen to pop.

Weekend Jams

Start your weekend right with our song picks!

Shower Karaoke

Warm up your vocal chords in the shower!




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