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Music video review: Noah Centineo is officially a director

today13 February 2019


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Noah Centineo the internet’s heartthrob is back challenging a bigger role behind the camera for once. He simply can’t get enough of of high school rom-coms, so he made one himself! The actor made his directorial debut with a new music video that he also co-stars in, and ARTY’s “Save Me Tonight” music video starring Noah Centineo and Lily Collins is a sweet little story about tackling bullies. The premise is this: Lily Collins moves to a new town and starts school at a new high school. She’s bullied by people who are very clearly in their late 20s and not high school (I mean, that’s basically everyone in all of Centineo’s movies too, so no shade), then she makes some new friends who help her get back at said bullies. High school wouldn’t be school, if there weren’t any bullies, am I right?

The video begins with the lead protagonist, Collins packing up and moving truck, bidding goodbye to her friend and then starting her first day at the new school. No time wasted, literally, she get bullied her first steps into her new school. A bully casually knocks Collins books down out of her hands, and who shows up to gather her things and makes her feel better, yup you guessed it Noah Centineo.

Collins continues to get bullied throughout the video, having trash thrown on her then Centineo and his buddies devise a plan to get back at them by shooting a bunch of brightly coloured dust all over them. Absolutely nailed it.

You tell them how it’s done Noah

He shared a behind-the-scenes shot of him to his 16 million Instagram fans, alongside Collins, and the rest of the crew working on the music video and captioned it, “1.25.19,” aka the day of the video’s release. They all look joyful in the photo, so that’s nice. Good for them. Make that art.

If I’m being honest, when news first broke about his directorial debut, I was keeping my fingers crossed that Lana Condor will be making a cameo. The two has agreed multiple times that they have a special connection towards each other. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Condor admitted that she and Centineo felt a ~spark~ between them when they first started hanging out before To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before started filming.

“Because I felt that for the show to do well, we had to be best friend professionals,” she went on. “And so I was just like, ‘It’s not gonna happen,’ and he’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s not gonna happen.'”

I mean, come on, a true friendship has blossomed from just a movies. Just putting it out there, if Noah Centineo is planning to direct another music video or maybe join the big leagues, star and direct in his new upcoming sequel “To all the Boys I’ve Loved” you have to keep Lana Condor as your main love interest!

All jokes aside,

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the video is worth the watch, one who isn’t a Noah Centineo fan, would immediately change their minds. Who knew he had the chops for a directorial role.

Written by: Varesha

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