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Catch up on Terkini with Nandini!

Join the conversation as Nandini, Hafiz, Guibo and RD discuss Malaysian social issues!




Every weekday, Nandini of shares her take on the latest social issues in Malaysia.

Tune in from 6AM – 10AM with Fly’s AM Mayhem or catch up on the latest episodes here!

Men Should Pay For Everything?! 

Malaysians Are Superficial?!

Use The Toilet Properly Lah!

Should We Spread Messages Through Music?

Should art be banned in Malaysia?


What happened when nosy Malaysians got called out by a US TikTok influencer?

The ongoing demand for masks have cause people selling the masks at absurd prices 😱 Would you pay RM500 for a mask?

Your trash should be your own responsibility, but why can’t some Malaysians follow this simple rule?

Stop Criticizing People’s English!

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