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Needlefish Jumps Out Of The Ocean And Pierces Through Teenage Boy’s Neck

By Says – Arisha Rozaidee



Image from Twitter @alvinmalana Twitter @alvinmalana

An Indonesian teen recently met in a freak accident when a needlefish jumped out of the ocean and pierced the nape of his neck

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion is advised for the following images.

According to Makassar Terkini, the incident took place on Saturday, 18 January at South Buton Regency, Southeast Sulawesi.

Image from Twitter @alvinmalana Twitter @alvinmalana

14-year-old Muhammad Idul was accompanying his father on a fishing trip when the needlefish suddenly jumped out of the ocean towards their boat.

The fish pierced into the left side of his neck and out the right side

Image from Twitter @alvinmalana Twitter @alvinmalana

Tribun-Timur reported that the teen was initially taken to Siloam Hospital in Tangerang, Indonesia.

On Monday, he was referred to Wahidin General Hospital where a team of five doctors successfully removed the fish’s snout after a two-hour surgery.

Muhammad Idul survived the ordeal and is currently in stable condition

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