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Netizens Frustrated With Entertainment Industry As ‘Aku Budak Girl’ Artist Gets Segment On National TV

“Is becoming an artist based on the number of followers on social media?”



Earning a spot on national television is tough, to say the least. One must either invest their time to do something incredible for the community or be an astounding singer or celebrity.

Unfortunately, netizens felt otherwise after finding out a certain ‘talentless artist’ got a feature on national television.



“Does Astro really like supporting people who are talentless to become artists? For now, is becoming an artist based on the number of followers on social media?”



The screenshot in the post shows TikTok famous @suekhaizhar who went viral for her ‘infamous’ song “Aku Budak Girl” getting a segment on Astro’s program “Meletop”. Netizens who saw the post weren’t very happy with the reality of the industry.


Photos via Twitter/@aemieruls_


“Meletop is canceled. Choosing quantity over quality. Is the level of “Meletop” merely for the standard of a singer for songs like “Budak Girl“?


Photo via Instagram/@meletop


This fellow netizen explained the reality of the situation.



“Because those with talent & work hard to get a spot don’t get support from the public. That’s the answer. I’m one of those who work hard to get a spot, but how many actually recognize me as an actor? We need your support. Thank you to those who do!”



Previously, TikTok famous @suekhaizhar went viral for her single, “Aku Budak Girl“.


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What do you guys think? Is the industry playing a fair game?

*Cover Image Credits: Instagram @meletop
Twitter @aemieruls_

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