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Once MCO Is Over, What Would Change In Your Daily Life? #TerkiniWithNandini

Has your lifestyle changed for the better?!



The Movement Control Order (MCO) has kicked off it’s third phase in our home country, and a lot of us are looking forward for it to end. So once MCO is over, would your lifestyle change?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss if once MCO is over, what would change in your daily life?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem agree that MCO has definitely changed their lifestyle for the best and the worst! But do you think these life style changes will continue after MCO ends?

With the implementation of MCO, many of us have picked up certain traits, such as exploring the kitchen by cooking different dishes, spring cleaning your houses or even working out more often.

“I have this bad habit of leaving my room to fall apart, it would be so messy that I wouldn’t want to sleep on my bed and i’ll sleep on the floor, but since MCO started I have so much free time, I have been cleaning, and my room has been cleaner than ever. The question is whether or not it will remain clean after MCO hahaha.

I think it is a yes! That aspect of my life has changed!” – Nandini

As much as many of us want MCO to be lifted as soon as possible, we cannot have this false notion that our lives can go back to the way it was.

“I want to remind this to everyone and myself that when MCO is lifted right, doesn’t mean that our lives can go back to exactly the way it was cause MCO being lifted does not mean that social distancing has to end. Social distancing may not end for the foreseeable future

You have to change some aspects of your life in order for you get through this better.” – Nandini

Watch the conversation down below:

In conclusion, its no doubt that this pandemic is a hard and stressful time for us all, so let’s do things differently, never stop helping people and be a better person.  Also don’t forget to contribute and ease the burden of the frontliners by #stayathome but if you have funds to spare please don’t forget the less fortunate #kitajagakita.

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