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Oscars Recap: The 10 Most Outrageous Moments from the 2019 Oscars

today26 February 2019


With the many controversy surrounding the 91st Academy Awards, all eyes were peeled, to find out the mess, the deets, to see how the host-less show turned out. The unceremonious viewers will not notice that this year’s Oscars, did not have host! But instead had an opening featuring Queen and Adam Lambert. Who knew award shows could begin without a speech?!

But that bump in the road did not hinder the trolls of social media, with their endless controversies, meme-able moments, iconic speeches, and goofy reaction shots from livening up the night. In an evening that saw Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing a duet that was truly beautiful, and watching her grab an Oscar are among the plenty of other moments that are worth enshrining in internet history forever.

1. Glenn Close stared down Melissa McCarthy

Glenn Close had, one would say a wild Oscars night. The Independent Spirit Awards, which took place Saturday, she took her dog Pip (a.k.a. Sir Pippin of Beanfield) as a date, bringing him up onstage when she won for Best Female Lead. Then, when she stepped on the Oscars red carpet in a gold gown, she immediately created a viral moment. While waiting to speak to POSE star Billy Porter, who might I add was rather ravishing on the Oscars night, she contorted her face brilliantly at fellow Best Actress nominee Melissa McCarthy. The video will have you cracking up. It goes to show that you don’t to be a twenty year old social media influencer you’ve never heard off, to make something go viral.

2. No host = Queen and Adam Lambert opening the show

Did you know that there was no one hosting the Oscars this year? Well there wasn’t, and several controversies circulated the internet and around the show. Without a verified famous comedian (Kevin Hart) to tell a few jokes and heap praise on Hollywood, how would the show start? With the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody poised for a big night, the remaining members of Queen played portions of “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” as Lambert proved, yet again, that Freddie Mercury was indeed a singular talent.

3. Chris Evans helped Regina King up the stairs

Hey may be hanging his sheiled and bidding goodbye as the warm hearted here we have grown toi love Β Captain America, but Chris Evans is always looking for chances to act super-heroic — or, in this case, helpful and polite, same thing. As Regina King made her way up the sometimes hazardous stairs to collect the Best Supporting Actress trophy for her excellent work in If Beale Street Could Talk, Evans sprung into action and made sure she made it. Thank you for your service, Chris.

4. Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry struggled with their costumes

Credi is given where credit is due. And when it comes to costume design, the ill appreciate category in film isn’t an easy task. You want your work to be noticed and talked about but without overpowering or distracting the viewers from the the acting. When Melissa McCarthy (nominated for Best Actress for Can You Ever Forgive Me?) and Brian Tyree Henry walked onstage to deliver their award, they opted for… every costume. Henry had on Black Panther-esque face paint and a blue silk gown, and McCarthy opted for a royal mink cape with all the rabbits from The Favourite stapled on. She even had one as a hand puppet — which made opening the envelope a little bit tricky.

5. The CIA posted an ill-advised Black Panther Twitter thread

Its not new to have lots of brands make bad Tweets during the Oscars, it’s part of the experience. But, for some bizarre reason, the social media director for the CIA decided it was time to get some engagement by firing off a few posts about Black Panther, specifically the movie’s fictional metal vibranium! The question in everyone’s mind is why?

6. Olivia Colman’s speech — complete with fart noise — was a close second place.

Olivia Colman won for Best Actress category, but her speech was truly the winner! The British actress was delightfully in shock throughout the entirety of her speech, even stopping at one point to make a fart noise with her mouth. By the end she was just shouting names of her fellow nominees. “Lady Gaga!” she said, and Gaga blew kisses from the audience.

7. Rami Malek fell off the stage

After the ceremony had ended, the Bohemain Rhapsody actor fell off the stage at the Dolby Theater and had to be treated by paramedics, according to People. Thank god for Chelsea Peretti’s Instagram, who summed up how it actually went down in her replies: “there was a hole in the stairs with like a 20 foot drop to the orchestra and homeduder almost fell down but caught himself on his arms and was dangling.” Malek made sure to keep his statue safe, first and foremost, holding it in the air as he took a tumble. The statue before anything else.

8. Spike Lee left when Green Book was announced Best Picture winner

Spike Lee, is not someone you would want to get on his bad side. Spike Lee’s good night ended when, yet again, the director was snubbed by the Academy in the Best Picture category, this time losing out to Green Book. (Do the Right Thing was roundly ignored during the 62nd Oscars in 1990, when Driving Miss Daisy, another particularly unsubtle film, won Best Picture. “Every time somebody is driving somebody, I lose,” Lee quipped backstage.) Lee apparently “stormed out” of the theater when the Peter Farrelly film was announced the winner. After some pacing and a tense-looking conversation with BlacKkKlansman producer Jordan Peele, Lee returned, but turned his back to the stage in protest during the crew’s acceptance speech.

9. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga brought down the house with a duet.

If youy live under rock then, you probably did not hear about how Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper stole the Oscars. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of their hit “Shallow” from A Star Is Born was inevitably going to be one of the night’s biggest moments. But Jackson and Ally Maine did not need any bells and whistles to create magic — all it took was a piano and a couple of microphones. With Gaga taking to the piano, they sang while smoldering, all building to a finale where Cooper joined her on the bench. They ended staring deeply into each other’s eyes, nearly kissing. (Honestly, they should have kissed!) It was sexy. It was uncomfortable. It was instantly iconic.

10. Spike Lee wasn’t a fan of Awkwafina’s joke

Anyone who knows Spike Lee knows that the director, does not hide his feelings. When the star of Crazy Rich Asians presented with comedian John Mulaney, they each had a bit about how they were freaking out because it was their first time presenting an award at the Oscars. Like most bits, it was awkward and forced, but when Awkwafina said she was star-struck in Spike Lee’s presence, barely able to squeak out, “Spike Lee!” Lee himself decidedly did not find it funny.

Written by: Varesha

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