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Peaky Blinders Could Be Heading For A Spin-Off Or A Movie

But a prequel might not be happening.




The fifth season of Peaky Blinders may be coming to an end,  but Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, is now  teasing a potential spin-off and a movie

However, a prequel has not been ruled out.

Steven Knight revealed that while he is actively “looking at spin-offs, maybe a movie” for the series, but finds the idea of a prequel “limiting”.

Via Empire

“I’m writing series six at the moment,” Steven said. “That’s almost done.” He added “Then I’m going to do series seven, then I’m looking at spin-offs, maybe a movie.

“It’s up to us. It’s up to the people involved.”

He also expressed “The problem with prequel is you’re limiting yourself as to where it can go. You can’t kill a character who can show up in the series.”

So look out fans! Something good is going to stir up soon.

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