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Only People With Tiny Hands Can Relate To This Post!

All you people with tiny, tiny, tinyyyyyy hands, this post is dedicated to you!

1.When you shake hands with someone, you tend to grip twice as hard so they don’t crush your tiny, tiny, tinyyyy hands.

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2. And when you do shake hand…you feel like:-

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3. People also go like… “OMG!!! Your hands are sooooo cute!” or “OMG!!! Tiny hands!”

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4. Those huge statement rings…Looks absolutely ridiculous on your tiny hands.

It's never the other way around.

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5. Also those regular sized gloves sooooo don’t fit these tiny hands – SOOOOOO, you end up shopping at the kids section! PLUS POINT: THEY CUH-YUTEEEEEEE!

Even though they're sometimes pretty cute. (I want a bear glove!)

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6.But then, with your super tiny hands… You get to reach in for that lil’ bit of chips!

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7. And speed texting is right at your alley!

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So… love your tiny hands! Embrace em’ and lift up your cute tiny hands in the air, like you just don’t care!!!

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