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Pia Wurtzbach as an actress



It’s been three years since Pia Wurtzbach was crowned as Miss Universe, since then she has and gone through a lot. With endorsements, commercials and magazine covers here and there, she has shown different facets of herself, highlighting her dynamic personality. All these seem to have helped her figure out what’s next after her stint as a beauty queen.

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Not many know that Pia has had her share amount of acting in local films. While she’s not a newbie in the local industry Pia shares in an interview, “I feel like I’m starting over again.” With a movie co-starring Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla that came out in 2017 at the Metro Manila Film Festival, the movie had huge response locally.  Pia’s return to the local limelight has kick-started with a leading role, a first for her career and a challenge that she welcomes.

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Having a niche for the film industry for a very long time even before stepping into the beauty queen realm, Pia knew that acting and being in films was one of the many things she wanted to endeavour on. Without a doubt the beauty queen had a more to her than just looks!

When asked what was the difference between Pia the beauty queen and actress Pia her response was both jobs require the dedication and discipline and nothing comes on a silver platter, working hard is the only outcome to get results.

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Pia hands down was a beauty queen that gain recognition super-fast after the pageant and took the right path to bring her name forward. There will be people who will deny the fact that she has talent and that she is just a “pretty face”.  Watch one of her movies and you would disagree!

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