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Pierce Brosnan Wants To Work In Malaysia?

Watch the interview with the man himself!





Fly’s AM Mayhem sat down for a special virtual interview with the legendary actor Pierce Brosnan to chat about the new movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga, currently out now on Netflix.


During the interview Hafiz, Guibo and RD asked Brosnan how he was able to adapt to Icelandic accent for the movie, time spent with the stars Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams on set and even asked if he would adopt them as his children! Brosnan was quick to say that he would even find a job in Malaysia!

Watch the interview here:

Check out the movie trailer for Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga

They also just released their soundtrack that features Demi Lovato with the title track In The Mirror!

The movie is out now on Netflix! Enjoy!

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