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“Playing With Fire” Review

The feel good movie you need



Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures is out with their latest movie “Playing with fire” starring the unexpected actor, John Cena.

Directed by Andy Fickman, the film follows Jake “Supe” Carson (Cena), who works with an elite fire fighters team known as Smoke Jumpers. His tough guy act is put to test when the team rescues three siblings from a fire and must provide safe sanctuary for them for several days.

Paramount Pictures

Such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Cena capitalizes on the charm of no-nonsense alpha males tapping into their nurturing sides in this fun filled action comedy. Though the film is not as memorable as ‘The Rock’ in Game Plan, the cast has enough comedic chemistry to keep families entertained.

The film shows off John Leguizamo (who plays as Rodrigo) and Keegan- Michael Key’s (Mark) comical character with continuous slapsticks while Cena’s character primarily supports the gag.

Paramount Pictures.

Despite having similar plot as most other family comedy films that’s out, “Playing with fire’s” storyline of emergency responders, seem to have come out at a relevant time given the ongoing wildfire crisis in parts of the world such as California and Australia – which in some ways is relatable.

Is it worth your money? It depends, if you’re looking for a light hearted movie with a few laughs and fun then this would be a good choice. But it you’re expecting an action filled film with slow-mo blood shooting up in the air, then I recommend you click the back button, because you won’t find that here.

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