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Piano Ballads

Fill your ears up with the breathings of your heart.

Your Diva

Who is your all time favourite diva? Let's listen!

Pop Now

Here to update you the latest pop songs you need to know.

Band Gigs

All your favourite bands are here!

Rising Pop

You might not know their names now, but you will very soon.

Sing Along

Sing along these songs that everybody knows!

Two Is Better Than One

Duet songs can give you more surprises than you ever thought!

Break It Down

Back to the baggy shirts and pants era while spinning on the floor

Guilty Pleasure

Psst... We know you loved the previous 'Guilty Pleasure' so here's another one!

Pure 2000s Party

Songs that you were probably recorded them in tapes.

Pop Party

Big blue sky, popsicle with great heat!

Chart Toppers

Chart toppers and most requested songs on FlyFM.

Pop Fix

Mood lifting tunes for work!

Top Of The World

Songs the world is listening to right now.

Pop Essentials

Pop must haves.

New Releases

Songs fresh out of the oven just for you!


What we're listening to this week!




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