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Put it to the grave: songs to let go in 2018

today28 December 2018


The countdown has begun for the year 2019! With just 4 days left to the year, many songs have been played and aired and with that said its for sure to bring out songs that we just want to put it to the grave and to let it go in the year 2018. So without further a do, here a few songs that we don’t want playing or talked about in the year 2019

In My Feelings – Drake

Although me being a huge fan of Drake, he for sure lost it for me with this song. It was a track that was just overplayed in social media and had the rise of fame only because of the Keke Challenge, which by the way Drake had nothing to do with it.  But I have to say it was catchy the first few times, but when the challenge popped up and kids would jump out of cars to prove that they clearly couldn’t dance, it lost its taste and credibility in my opinion. And fans have a lot to say” Oh my god, this song sucks so much. The girl sounds like a Nicki Minaj clone and Drake sounds like he’s falling asleep. 0/10” – CharismaticKat

I Love It – Lil Pump/ Kanye

Add this to the many songs that are… lack of better word stupid. I mean many of you would remember how cool and great Kanye used to be? Yeah the good times! Everything about Kanye’s “I Love It,” from the song to the video to the rollout, feels like it belongs in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch about him that got cut. It’s just too absurd and unfunny!

The Light is Coming – Ariana Grande

Before I give my opinion on the song, I just have to lay it out there that the year 2018 has been a struggle and triumphed year for Ari! Sweetener has great hits that had everyone bopping their heads too, but ‘The light is Coming’ featuring Nicki Minaj isn’t my favourite of the tracks. Honestly speaking it didn’t quite fit into the album. Ari has done better hit with Nicki Minaj that was catchy such as ‘side to side’. I never even thought I’d find something as bad as Meant To Be or Freaky Friday, but now I’ve found it. Sadly it’s from the artist who showed great potential in her previous single.

“First off, what’s up with that lame beat? What’s up with Pharrell Williams producing this horribly? What’s up with Nicki Minaj being so dull and godawful simultaneously? And most importantly, what’s up with Ariana not even trying in this? Side To Side was bad enough but I never thought I’d find something close to being this bad. I used to see Ariana as “an amazing singer who wastes her talent” and now I’ve nearly changed my mind on the first part. This is a spoiled abomination that I hope never hits the Hot 100 as a promotional single. -1/10 – StarlightSpanks. “ Ouch those are some harsh words, give Ari a break will ya!

Bi*tch Im Bella Thorne – Bella Throne

“B*tch I’m Bella Thorne” is nothing short of a hot mess – grade A rubbish. Co-written with rapper MOD-Sun, it feels like Bella Thorne wants shock value more than anything else, evidenced by ample clumsy and cringe-worthy lyrics. She raps, which is highly, HIGHLY questionable in its itself.  Give her credit for being chocked-full of attitude, coming over as sort of this bratty, feisty celeb.  One has to wonder, is it all an act? Regardless, if winning the award for the worst song of 2018 is what Thorne desires, she’s won it hands down with this train wreck.

Girls – Rita Ora/ Cardi B/  Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX.

“I ain’t one-sided, I’m open-minded / I’m fifty-fifty and I’m never gonna hide it.” Perhaps, her heart was in the right place, but Rita Ora falls far short on her star-studded driven anthem, “Girls”, which features Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha. Typically, socially-charged songs, particularly those with a LGBTQ tilt, are applauded.  That has NOT been the case with “Girls,” which has received widespread criticism.

No Brainer – Dj Khaled/ Justin Bieber/ Chance The Rapper/ Quavo

Is it just me or songs that feature Dj Khaled always end being hits but sooner or later people do realise that he kind of makes the song trashy. There is no need for anyone to repeat their name 5 to 20 times in a song. And because of that I have to place the track in the list of send to grave please.Otherwise this song was a great smash if it wasn’t for Dj Khaled!


Written by: Varesha

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