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Ramadan During MCO, Is It A Blessing In Disguise? #TerkiniWithNandini

We are in this together!



This is the first time Muslims and the entire nation will be celebrating Ramadan while social distancing and for some of us away from our families. Ramadan During MCO, Is It A Blessing In Disguise?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss if having Ramadan during MCO, is a blessing in disguise?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem sympathize to the practicing Muslims who have to celebrate Ramadan away from their families. Now that all bazaar Ramadans have been cancelled a lot of people are feeling moody during this festive season.

However there are some individual who are glad that MCO have been extended through Ramadan, in hope that it will hinder the spread of COVID-19

” This is the first time that it’s Ramadan and well social distancing is still a thing, so all the bazaar Ramadans have been cancelled and I see a lot of my friends feeling really bad about it. Cause they cant go see their parents, they cant go to the mosque. Most of my practicing Muslims friends are really really sad.

And Ramadan is such a big thing here, you don”t have to be a practicing Muslim to feel like you”re a part of it right, I know the rest of us are going to miss the bazaar food! 

But I also see some people saying baguslah! Cancel Ramadan! In the sense that i think they are so afraid that it ill heighten the spread of the virus. I totally understand the panic and sentiment from them as well.” – Nandini

Some have said that there are blessings in disguise with having MCO during Ramadan season, and the main factor being there’s no traffic jams.

Many Muslims have also found it harder to fast and berbuka puasa alone. It’s different for them to break fast alone without their loved ones!

“Usually when I sahur I do it alone, but when I’m breaking fast usually i’ll have it with my family members. That’s tough because breaking fast is like that little celebration after one whole day of not eating and drinking, so you want to be around people that experience the same things, so when you are all alone makan seseorang macam sedihnya.”- Hafiz

Watch the discussion below:

We understand all our Muslim friends who are feeling blue during this festive season, but don’t forget your family members continue to communicate to your loved ones and friends. With digital media all around us, have video calls!

Try to remember that this MCO has to be done to save or lives! We will get through this together as a country #KitaJagaKita.

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