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Ranked: 10 Of The Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Episodes

We can’t get over these episodes, and they prove why Game of Thrones was the best show of the 2010s!





In May 2019, Game of Thrones aired its final episodes and dare I say we have not got any reprise of the show like the original one.

For so many years, it was one of the many shows that almost everyone loved around the world. Like a lot of fans, we now have complicated feelings about it as a result of the final season. There were a lot of issues, and I know I’m not alone in saying that the ending did not meet my expectations.

Game of Thrones really was a spectacular show hence why many of us expected a lot more, down to the script writing, production as well as the array of talented actors and not to mention the sets alone can transport you to a mythical land where dragons exist.

So here it is the best of the best episodes of Game of Thrones 

10. Winter is Coming — Season 1, Episode 1

9. The Lion and the Rose — Season 4, Episode 2

8. The Dragon and the Wolf — Season 7, Episode 7

7. Hardhome — Season 5, Episode 8


6. Fire and Blood — Season 1, Episode 10

5. Blackwater — Season 2, Episode 9

4. Baelor — Season 1, Episode 9


3. The Door — Season 6, Episode 5

2. The Children — season 4, episode 10

1. The Winds of Winter — season 6, episode 10

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