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Real Ghost Encounters That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Everyone loves a good ol’ horror story right? But for some reason the word ‘Based on a True Story’ seems to make it all a bit more exciting, whether it’s a book or a movie!

Here are some spooky stories submitted by our Fly people!

1. The Singing Ghost. 

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I usually wake up around 4.45am, every working day. That is when I heard something or someone singing in front of my balcony.

Although it was a dead silent night, I still couldn’t make out what the singing was, as the singing was faint.

The only thing I knew for sure, it was a female voice…

-Yong Master


2. The Mysterious Kid in Red.  

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My dad and I were sitting at the living room. I was seated near the table while dad was reading a newspaper. It was really hot weather but all of a sudden, I felt so cold.

My dad didn’t really care about it but I felt weird. All of a sudden, a small kid wearing a red outfit came running out from the toilet.

We were both in shocked.

No one else was dressed in red! That mysterious kid was too short as well to be my youngest sister!

-Fitri Aniza


3. Midnight Snack 

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Five of us including me were having our late “dinner” at 3am at a fast-food restaurant. One of my friend was taking his own sweet time in finishing his burger when my sister said, “You are so slow that even the guy beside our table has long finished his.”

All four of us except my sister looked at each other, and finally one of us said, “You know, there’s no one sitting beside our table.”

– Syamimi


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