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Reasons why Taylor Swift is still an Idol



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The evolution of Taylor Swift from the curly hair, doey eyes and a sparkly guitar to the biggest pop sensation in Hollywood. Her recent album Reputation, was highly anticipated and blew fans out of the water. Taylor has become a renowned household name in the last 11 years or so. Since the beginning of her singing career, her main priorities has been writing great songs and loving her fans as much they love her.  Many Taylor’s fans stay loyal to the songstress, plainly due to the fact that she does anything and everything for her fans and as a fan knowing that Taylor Swift might just swing by your house at any given time is pretty awesome, don’t you think so? Scroll below to see the reasons why Taylor Swift is Taylor Swift today!

1. Show stopping performance:

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She is one of the only artist that goes all out when it comes to her performances on tour and award shows. The saying, go big or go home, is present in every one of her performance. Her fans are have their money’s worth watching her perform up on stage, She is isn’t just a singer, she is an artist and performer.

2. Countless Grammy wins:

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It’s absolutely no secret that Taylor Swift is insanely successful. She’s broken records, won tons of awards, and is easily one of the biggest pop stars in recent history. Even if you’re not a fan of Swift’s controversial public image, it’s hard to ignore her music. Her songs are good, and it’s impossible to not like at least one of them. So without surprise, the amount of Grammies that Taylor Swift has won is a whopping 10!

3. Secret Sessions:

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The secret sessions started before the release of her 1989 album. She selected fans from social media and invited them into her house, (yes you read that right)  and listen to her album before the release date. She entrusted these fans to keep her album a secret until the release. She’s continued the tradition with Reputation as well.

4. Social Media Interaction:

Image result for taylor swift gif with fans

Taylor revealed that she prefers to use Tumblr as her method to interact and connect with her fans. Many of T Swift fans were lucky to have gotten follows and likes from their idol. She remembers so much about her fans and it is amazing how that small social media interaction can lead to.

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift continue creating hits and being a true idol.

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