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Rebel Wilson And Anne Hathaway Fight Misogyny In ‘Hustle’

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Don’t be surprise if you see Anne Hathaway back at it again with her infamous heist skills in Oceans 8 but this time even better because you have Australians favourite or as we love her for ‘Fat Amy’, Rebel Wilson as her right hand man in Hustle!

Both Rebel and Anne are back more diva than ever to pull off the biggest heist of all time, “The Lord of the Rings” stickup(You’ll understand, if your watch the film. FOMO). With only two weapons, deception and using the vulnerability card that men fall for so easily, these two women show how it’s done! Call them thieves or liars, but they show you the underlining issue that woman still face till today, the day and age of equality? At least that’s what society claims.

The two play enemies in this new comedy, but right now, they are dream collaborators, gushing over each other’s talents (“I don’t think Anne’s ever been funnier…It’s effortless”)

It’s true when someone mentions how effortless it was for the portrayal of their characters, it was almost believable if one who wouldn’t know them, think that this is how they were themselves. Many fans were fast to spot the similarities of Hustle to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, only difference was Hustle is a female led film whereas Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a predominately male led movie.

Women, as one could see from reading recent headlines, can be very clever con artists and hustlers. Josephine, Hathaway’s high-class and unwilling mentor, even says as much to Wilson’s unpolished and reckless Penny:

“Why are women better con artists? Because no man will ever believe a woman is smarter than him.” In short: Give these women a mark, and they’ll hit the target.

But nothing great comes without a few criticism and push-backs, it’s the rotten challenges of making a truly funny woman-led comedy in Hollywood that dominate much of our conversation since the film’s production days.

In an interview with ‘Refinery29’, while making the movie, the duo says they faced unanticipated push-back from the ratings board, which initially gave them a damning R. This was a setback because, as Hathaway explains, similar movies with a male cast rarely undergo the same level of scrutiny. “Rebel had to go out and argue with the board that our movie was no raunchier than certain comedies that star men that had been given PG-13 ratings,” she tells Refinery29. “Even though we, behind the scenes, were doing everything right, we still had to deal with a culture that’s said it’s inappropriate for women to be funny.”

Fun Fact: one of the producers of the film was indeed Rebel Wilson!

The movie in itself was great but I wouldn’t say it was the best. But the it factor that makes it stand out from the rest was the light that was being shined upon woman, who have the right to show the world that they can be funny, smart and weird and there’s nothing wrong with that. A female led film is what we need more of in today’s day and age! Enough of the misogynistic point of view it’s time for a fresh start.  I do believe that Hustle did send across that message and having Rebel as one of the main producers of the film, this proves that she had a lot of input and ideas poured into the movie and I must say great job for a first try.

‘Hustle’ hits theaters Thursday 8th May 2019!

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