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Ryan Reynolds Shares Leaked Copy of Detective Pikachu; But It’s Not What You Think

You have been Punk’d!



A great prank? Well ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ fans don’t think so!

Most Hollywood stars wouldn’t promote you watching the pirated versions of their newest films especially before the movies are even out yet. But then, Ryan Reynolds isn’t most Hollywood stars, is he?

The marketing-savvy actor has recently brought his dry promotional wit to bear for Detective Pikachu, which hits theaters this weekend and stars Reynolds as the voice of the titular Pokemon. Ryan Reynolds is known for his savvy marketing skills and witty twitter post but it came as a shock when he retweeted the link from a fan of the ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ full movie, but took no credit for it.

The quality of the troll is high as it opens with the logos for Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary, and The Pokémon Company, which all fade out.

Then what appears to be the actual film begins with protagonist Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) walking through the city streets for a brief moment before the movie cuts to Pikachu dancing for the rest of the time.

Obviously, this was a marketing stunt to build even more anticipation for the film’s actual release. Many viewers are having a good time discussing this “leak.” Marketing for Detective Pikachu has been interesting. Aside from this full movie online stunt, there was the screen tests video for the Pokémon. Warner Bros. has made sure everyone has heard about the film, and the kind of wacky tone it has.

You have to give Ryan props for seizing the moment. You got us this time!

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