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Is it Safe To Use Makeup Testers in a Cosmetics Store?

Most of us are guilty of this.

We see a lipstick colour we like and we cant help but to take a swipe and try it on ourselves.

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But is it reallyyy safe for us to try on the eye-shadows,cream blushers,and lipstick at a makeup store?

According to an article from TODAY, A woman in the US is claiming that she had contracted an HSV-1 infection, which causes oral herpes, from one of the biggest make up brands in California. All from a lipstick tester!!

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So what’s the answer?

“NEVER!”A dermatologist from New York, Dr.Debra Jaliman says  “You can get infectious diseases from using testers in makeup stores,”

Dr. Whitney Bowe, another NYC-based dermatologist, says “Even if you use a disposable applicator, the makeup itself could still be harboring bacteria if someone with an infection double-dipped their applicator, or coughed or sneezed over the makeup. And since “viruses can live on inanimate products,” it’s best to play it safe and not dip in at all.

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However this is not saying that beauty stores don’t take care of their product hygiene, because really they do. But it’s always best to stay aware.

So the next time you walk into that beauty store, think twice before  trying on that make up!

Source: TODAY

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