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Say Goodbye To Your Diet ‘Cos McD Just Rolled Out McShaker Twister Fries And New Desserts

By Says – Arisha Rozaidee



Image from Twitter @zakirah_aminTwitter @zakirah_amin

For a lot of people, especially me, this is like a dream come true.

Everyone, say hello to Spicy McShaker Twister Fries!

On 15 December, McDonald’s Malaysia announced the new menu addition on their website. They wrote, “There’s a new twist to everyone’s favourite Spicy McShaker!”

Image from Instagram @juliafmiao Instagram @juliafmiao

It’s as if McShaker Fries and Twister Fries got married and gave birth to a delicious, crispy, spicy baby.

All you need is RM2.50 to upgrade your regular French Fries to the all-new Spicy Twister McShaker!

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Image from SAYS MakanSAYS Makan

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