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Selena Gomez Is getting Her Own Quarantine Cooking Show!

When you’re ready come and get it, na na na!




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This couldn’t have come at a better time, due to social distancing and the movement control order (MCO) many of us have been using this spare time to learn a new skill in the kitchen. Cooking up dishes of all kinds.

AND She Can Cook? There's Literally Nothing Selena Gomez Cannot Do

At this point, whipping up a Dalgona coffee, making bread from scratch, or baking banana bread is basically a rite of passage in the COVID-19 era and, apparently, celebrities are in the same boat!

Selena Gomez is Getting her Own Cooking Show on HBOMax ...BeautifulBallad


Lets top that off, with HBO Max new 10-episode quarantine cooking show and this time its none other than our “Rare” singer Selena Gomez! The Rare singer has reportedly been spending more time in the kitchen than ever, and now? She’s inviting fans to join her. Virtually, of course.

Check the post down below:

The show ill start streaming on the 27th of May. The show also features a charitable component, as each episode will highlight a food-related charity.




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