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Selena Gomez Quietly Removed Her Last Justin Bieber Post From Instagram

That's one way to spend your weekend!



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Selena Gomez made a quiet but significant move on her Instagram this weekend: Deleting the final public trace of her and Justin Bieber’s relationship.

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This comes after a year the duo broke up and went their separate ways. Fans noticed that Selena took down the birthday tribute she posted to him last March. It was her way of going Instagram official with him then after they rekindled their seven-year on-off romance at the end of October 2017. The Selena-Justin fans were drooling over their romance.

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Until this weekend, the birthday post had been situated between a teaser for Selena’s Coach collaboration and a shot from her Harper’s Bazaar cover. Now, it’s missing from the grid. You can see in this screenshot taken today that the Bieber birthday ‘gram is gone:



It’s not clear if she deleted every reference to the Biebs from her account (she has like 1,500 pics, so that would be effort) but this seems to be a clear sign that she’d like to be excluded from the Justin Bieber narrative, especially now that he’s in it to win it with Hailey. 

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And though Selena has yet to comment on the couple’s relationship, it looks like she’s ready to put the past behind her for good. But as reports point out, she did not take down the two photos she posted of her and ex The Weeknd while they were dating, which we have to admit is pretty interesting.

Via Instagram

So basically, it doesn’t look like this deletion is due to any drama—just a girl trying to live her best life on Instagram!

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