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Should We Have A National Day For Durians?

Durian lovers unite!




Malaysians LOOOVE durian.

But somehow, we don’t even have a dedicated day to celebrate the king of fruits!

“Durian is such a big thing! And I notice that even in our emoji they don’t have a durian!”- Hafiz

“You see all those YouTube videos of all western people trying out durian, they go viral, but they you don’t honour the fact that this fruit has come from Malaysia.”- RD

Should we have a national day for durians?

YAYYY! The people have spoken! We want a National Durian Day!

On a different topic, are Malaysians obsessed with having fair skin?

We see many ads promoting products that pushes skin fairness. These items for years have given us the perception that lighter skin colour is the way to a better life, while someone with a darker skin tone will not.

Watch Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss the topic

Tune in to more of the conversation here

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