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Should You Be Upset If Your Partner Calls You By Your Ex’s Name?

*Digs up a hole*



Forgetting someone’s name in the middle of a conversation can turn into a mini nightmare and an embarrassing one too.

But, what could be worse is calling out a partner’s name that isn’t theirs!

RD recently went out on a first date, and accidentally blurted out an ex’s name while in a heated conversation!- Yikes!


Should you be upset if your partner calls you by your ex’s name?

“I would be extremely upset!”– Guibo

“In my personal opinion I think you shouldnt be that upset. First, (for RD) it’s the first date, I’m allowed to make mistakes!”- RD

Here what the poll says on this topic

Listen to the conversation here!

Also, watch “If There Is A Remote To Tell The Truth…”

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