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9 Shows Like “Stranger Things” You Should Make Your Next Binge

Let the binge fest begin!



If you are a true Stranger Things fan like i am you should be crying your eyes out cause you waited over a year for the release of Season 3 and now you’re drowning in more tears because it’ll be at least another year before the next season is out. It’s understandable. We all want answers. Is Hopper really dead and will the kids stay in touch now that Will and El have moved far away? We need to know. Though nothing can cure Stranger Things withdrawal like a new season, there are things you can do to ease your pain, starting with figuring out your next binge-watch. If you love Stranger Things, here is a list of shows that will keep you just as hooked.


The OA revolves around a woman named Prairie Johnson who has reappeared after having been missing for seven years. She calls herself the “original angel,” hence the title The OA. The first season follows the OA’s quest to rescue other missing people from another dimension with the help of a team of five locals she has assembled.


The town of Riverdale is seemingly perfect until the death of a school jock makes its residents realize that not everything you see is as it seems. Riverdale follows a group of teens based on the characters from the Archie Comics(nothing like the comics we grew up with by the way) as they hunt down the evil people that haunt their town. If you love suspense and relationship drama, then you’ll have no problem binge-watching your way through the first three available seasons of this series.


Wayward Pines revolves around a secret service agent named Ethan who’s on a mission to investigate the disappearance of two missing officers, but instead he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Ethan finds himself stuck in a town where’s he unable to contact the outside world and anyone who tries to escape is punished by public execution. Oh and one more thing, there’s monsters involved.


If you enjoy Stranger Things for its supernatural element and all the monsters that lurk, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The series follows a half-mortal, half-witch named Sabrina who’s honing her power at the Academy of Unseen Arts. In the show, Sabrina struggles to find the balance between her life as a teenage girl and a witch who must submit to the “Dark Lord.” We’re already two seasons in and the third one is on its way, so now’s the perfect time to play catch-up.


Black Mirror is a science fiction anthology series that explores humans’ relationship to technology and the potential consequences of being careless with it. Each season is made of standalone episodes, which make the show an easy watch. The series will give you that same creeped-out feeling that Stranger Things does. Stranger Things fans will especially enjoy the episode “Metalhead.”


If you’re into people running away from the evil that lurks, then you’ll definitely enjoy the show, Slasher. Each season of the series has a standalone storyline that revolves around a mysterious killer.


The Society is a mystery teen drama that follows a group of high school teenagers living in Connecticut. One day the teenagers arrive back from a cancelled school trip to find that all the adults in the town have disappeared. The phone lines are dead and they’re surrounded by nothing but forest. Now, the teens have to figure out how they’re going to survive without their parents and limited resources.

THE 100

The 100 is a science-fiction drama that takes place 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse has killed almost all life on Earth. The people who did survive live on a space station orbiting Earth, but it is reaching near capacity, so the group sends a 100 juvenile detainees to to find out whether Earth is habitable.


Sense8 is about eight strangers from different parts of the world who share a psychological connection. They can sense and communicate with each other mentally and are known as “sensates.” The beginning of the series follow the sensates as they try to figure out why they are connected, but eventually they must band together to help each other from being hunted by those who see their kind as a threat. If Eleven existed in the world of Sense8, she’d definitely be a sensate.

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