4 – 8 with Zher

Zher has all the latest happenings from around the world and your daily fix of awesome music.  Work that arm and spin the Wheel of Whatever.  She even has her own resident DJs Simon Lee & Alvin with a brand new Slashup Mashup every day on your drive home.

The “Wheel of Whatever” will spin and pick a different game everyday. If you complete the challenge, you will definitely walk away with something awesome.

The Challenge list

  • What’s that song called again? You know the one that goes…. Zher will hum (in a horrible way) the tune of a song.  You name the song title and the artist to win.
  • Story Time Where she reads you the lyrics of a song like a story.
  • Trick or Trivia A tricky multiple choice trivia question.
  • What does that sound like? You have to make the sound effect


Sexy Time with Zher & Ivan

A new cross over segment featuring Ivan.

In this segment Zher and Ivan will talk about what’s sexy in the world (eg. Lifestyle, entertainment) but here’s the catch – there is nothing saucy or explicit about it.  Consider it your soul food at the end of a long day.

Zher and Ivan will also be taking song requests – what’s soul food without good music right?