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Songs We’re Ready To Say Goodbye To In 2019

What songs are you ready to say goodbye to?



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It has been earful of good music in 2019, some soo good that they’re over played. And then there are those you wish never gets played because you lowkey like it but hate how it gets stuck in your head for days.

Here’s a list of songs we’re ready to say soo longgg “sucker” as we move to 2020!



Let’s Kill This Love – BLACKPINK

Don’t lie. This song is addictive and can get stuck in your head for days. Now it’s time to kill this loves of having it on repeat and tone it down a little.

Old Town Road – Lil Nas X ft. Billy Cyrus

We’ve taken the horse to the old town road and we can’t ride no more!



Please Me – Cardi B & Bruno Mars

Please me by not repeating this song anymore, please and thank you


You Need To Calm Down – Taylor Swift

Don’t worry Taylor, we’re calm. Now let’s calm down on the over play. We still love you though!

Boy With Luv – BTS ft. Halsey

When this song first came out we were all in love with the music video. We hate to feel this way, but this song has been played way too many times, and we’re just ready to let it go.



Senorita was cute and all but now we’re ready to say…Sayonara!

Thank you, next – Ariana Grande

I think the caption speaks for itself



Sucker – Jonas Brothers

We may be a “sucker” for Jonas brothers, but we’re not a sucker to bring it to 2020

Roxanne – Arizona Zervas

Okay the song may have just made waves recently…but it’s been played a gazillion times that our ears are bleeding from the excessive repeat. Don’t get us wrong, we still love it but we’ll be okay without it in 2020.

What songs are you ready to say goodbye to?

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