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‘Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Makes Malaysian Slang Sound Super-Hot In Guessing Game

Totally melting



Via Pikdo

Dacre Montgomery is one serious heartthrob.

The ‘Stranger Things’ actor, who stars as Hawkins’ resident bad boy Billy Hargrove,  sat down with NetflixMY and played a game called ‘Suss out the slang’, to compare Malaysian slang VS. the Australian slang words.

If you’ve heard or used the slang minah, leklu and walao, you won’t quite consider it as THE sexiest word out there, more like a things you’d say to your friends. But in this short but meaningful guessing game, Montgomery shows us how these simple street words can be oddly cute and seductive.

Via Instagram

Did he do a good job, or did he do a good job??? *Heart melts*

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