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Street Rat Problem: Disney Has Forgotten These 5 Gorgeous Men To Cast As Aladdin

Disney’s live-action Aladdin is having troubles casting its lead!

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The search for the beloved street rat and Princess Jasmine, is in desperate need for Genie’s three wishes. Director Guy Ritchie has launched a massive global hunt around the world in search for his lead roles.

About 2,000 actors have auditioned for the roles but all in vain. The role of Aladdin calls for a 20-something male, preferably of Middle Eastern or Indian descent, who can sing and act. Thus, making the casting process, a little more difficult.

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Initially, Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel was among one of the actors considered to play Aladdin, but it looks like the film is looking toward casting a newcomer for the role.

Newcomers currently in the running to play Aladdin:- 

  • Achraf Koutet
  • Mena Massoud
  • George Kosturos

But, let’s see who else can ride on that magic carpet to Agrabah and meet Princess Jasmine.

1.Shah Rukh Khan 


Always a favorite with the crowd. I mean, can you possibly not imagine him as Aladdin???

2. If it’s not SRK, what about his son…Aryan Khan? (Warning: You may start drooling from his super-gorgeous looks) 

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I died a little inside. He is just too perfect.

3. What about… Shahid Kapoor? 

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If Aladdin was real, it’d be him! (*drools)

4. Then there’s Avan Jogia. 

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And why not??????? He’s totally rocking Aladdin’s hairdo!

5. Umm… Hello??? Deniz Akdeniz!!! 

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He’s been there, done that! Akdeniz has played Aladdin in Once Upon A Time and did a pretty good job too.

Now if only Guy Ritchie saw this list… Can I play Jasmine? *just kidding! 

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