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Student Attacks Teacher After He Scolded Him For Riding A Motorcycle Without A License

By – Says Sadho Ram



Aaron John/Berita Harian

On Friday morning, a student at a secondary school in Kuching was scolded by his teacher after he rode his motorcycle without a license

The Form 3 student, however, attacked the teacher, reported New Straits Times today, 12 January.

The incident occurred at 11.50am, 10 January, during which the teacher was reprimanding the 15-year-old student for riding a motorcycle to school without a license.

The teacher suffered lacerations and bruises in the attack

According to Song district police chief Deputy Superintendent Rowney Michael Jalak, the student was dissatisfied with the teacher’s criticism and turned aggressive towards him.

“The suspect allegedly punched the teacher’s left check, before lifting and throwing the teacher to the floor,” Harian Metro quoted him as saying today.

“The teacher suffered a wound on the head, left hand, and bruises to the cheeks,” he added.

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