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Wear It 2

Affordable earrings that you can "Wear It 2" anywhere.


A chocholate malt drink!

SQWIZe Fruit Flavored Drinks

Non carbonated flavored drink.

M.R Proworks Autosport

An auto repair shop.


We are a local cycling apparel company that produce premium cycling jerseys and bibs!

Keki Cake & Baked Goods

Our red velvet cake used house-special cake based with cocoa powder and beetroot for the red colour tone and topped with French cream cheese frosting.

Peeka’s pipipopcorn

Crunchy on the outside but melted in your mouth!


Best homemade Thai chili sauce!

Cocane KL

Come on over and quench your taste buds!

TFN Brownie

The Thinnest TFN Brownie In Town !

Pretty Thrifty Nifty

Bringing You Sustainable Fashion!

Eco Den

We sell eco-friendly products which are biodegradable as well.

My Popelini

We bake super yummy and crispy Craquelin Choux Creme Puffs. Baked freshly upon your orders and delivered to your doorstep!

Vegie Cafe

We serve fusion vegetarian menu!


We provide nutritious food catered towards the needs of kids and adults alike!

Handcrafted Pure Copper Bangle with Gemstones

Handcrafted Pure Copper Accessories

The Original Sliders

Mini burger that are sedap and affordable. We use premium and quality ingredients.


The greatest home taste appetizers to desserts.

Sanitizer Cozy

Self crochet sanitizer cozy, suitable for all types of sanitizer.


Limited edition printed T-Shirt

Shortie Bakers

We make one of the best brookies in town! It's soft and chocolatey on the inside and encapsulated with a thin shell on the outside.