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[SURVEY + GIVEAWAY] Are you shopping more in 2020?

Grab the chance to win a Realme Watch worth RM 299! 



Women are known to be shopaholics. Men too, but not as usual or intense.

Now, with easy access to online shopping today, it’s even harder to resist the temptation of pressing the “Check Out,” button, after receiving a pay! – Don’t lie, we all have at least one item carted in, ‘just’ in case we decide to buy it next time.

Is online shopping an easy way to keep your finances in check, compared to buying items off the shelf?

FlyFM wants to know if you’ve been spending more through online shopping? Try answering these survey questions down below. It’s just take 5 minutes! You never know, you might just stand a chance to win a pair of Realme Buds Air Neo worth RM199 or a Realme Watch worth RM 299! 

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