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Taiwan Doctor Ridicules M’sia For Failing To Control COVID-19 Despite Having Hot Weather

The World Health Organisation (WHO) doesn’t agree




Cover image via TVBS/Facebook

A Taiwanese doctor is receiving backlash for saying Malaysia is “embarrassing” itself for failing to contain the COVID-19 pandemic despite having hot weather in the country

On a televised show published on Facebook yesterday, 5 April, Dr Lee Bing-ying said it is easier to control viral diseases in hot weather countries based on an article he read.

Image from TVBS/Facebook

Image via TVBS/Facebook

“It is easier to control an epidemic in tropical regions, but they are not totally immune to diseases,” said Dr Lee, who is the chairman of the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan.

“Let’s take influenza as an example. We have the influenza epidemic every winter (in Taiwan) and we still receive some cases during the summer…

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