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Taylor Swift Disses Kanye West in New Album ‘Reputation’

And the clap back never ends.

Look what you made her do Kanye…No one messes with Tay Tay and gets away with it!


Via Giphy

“Reputation”, the newly released album by Taylor swift, is taking aim at her long time feud with Kanye West. Although she’s never mentioned any names, fans who have continuously followed her through out the years, can put two and two together.

In her song “This is why we cant have nice things” the lyrics calls out the rapper with;

“It was so nice being friends again,

There i was giving you a second chance,

But then you stabbed my back while shaking my hand”

Via Giphy

And in another one of her songs “I did something bad”  Swift sings;

“I don’t regret it ’cause he had it coming.”

Can’t these two just shake it off and let this go already.

Would this be called petty or totally necessary?? Let us know what you think!

source: E!News

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