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Taylor Swift Drops New Song “The Archer”

today24 July 2019


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Taylor Swift continues to bring the hits!

Taylor Swift dropped a new song called “The Archer,” off her upcoming album Lover. The “ME!” singer released the track after her previously-announced Instagram Live on Tuesday (July 23), in which she detailed her upcoming seventh studio album. Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the 29-year-old was dressed in a white t-shirt with a bow and arrow on the pocket, as well as sported a gold necklace to match.

Swift then confirmed she worked Jack Antonoff on “The Archer” and revealed why this song is so important to her, admitting that every track five on her previous albums was an emotional and honest song.

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“I really wanted to give you track five before the album came out,” Swift said during her Instagram Live. “As I was making albums, I was putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest, emotional song as track five.”

The track appears to be a nod to Swift’s relationship with her longtime love, actor Joe Alwyn. In “The Archer,” Swift wonders “who could stay?” But, by the end of the song, Swift makes a realization, singing, “You could stay.”T.Swift also announced that she will be including 120 pages of her diaries in the deluxe edition of her Lover album.

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Swift even revealed she was doing her Live in her trailer on the set of a new video she’s shooting. She didn’t disclose which one, but she did confirm “The Archer” is not a single off her new album nor will it get an official music video.

Prior to her announcement on Tuesday, Swift teased the Easter egg reveal on social media.

Prior to her reveal on Tuesday, it was announced that Swift earned 10 nominations for this year’s 2019 MTV Video Music Awards! Congratulations Taylor Swift!

Written by: Varesha

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