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Taylor Swift Fans Think She Just Dropped A Major Easter Egg

Swifties, are you ready for it?!




Taylor Swift reveals her biggest music video Easter eggs | EW.comEntertainment Weekly

Swifties, are you ready for it?!

Taylor Swift on

Taylor Swift fans believe that the singer songwriter is about to drop a major announcement on May 8th. This theory stems from the Grammy winner’s latest post on social media. T.Swift shared a selfie on both Twitter and Instagram.

While this may seem like a casual post to many of us, but Swifties noticed that the photo was posted on Twitter and Instagram at exactly 5:08 p.m. ET. If you translate that into a date, it would be May 8th. Well, it just so happens that the date, May 8th, is next week, and that date lands on a Friday, which is usually the day artists release new music.


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