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Taylor Swift Tops Forbes 2019 Highest Paid Celebrities

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Forbes has finally released their 2019 list of the world’s highest paid celebrities. Taylor Swift tops the list with $185 million. Swift previously topped the list in 2016 when she earned $170 million following her 1989 World Tour. Are we surprised? Nope were not.

The list features the top 100 highest earning entertainers. BTS notably made the list, coming in at No. 43 by earning $57 million. This makes the group the highest paid boy band and K-pop act.

And a surprise contender Shawn Mendes comes in at No. 98, the youngest person on the list at 20-years-old, earning $38 million. Sir Paul McCartney comes in as the oldest person on the list at 77-years-old, No. 62 on the list, earning $48 million.

This year features fifteen women on the list. Swift and Kylie Jenner are the only women in the top ten of the list.

The list also features married couples, with Jay-Z and Beyoncé tying at No. 20, earning $81 million each. Kanye West ranks No. 3, earning $150 million, while wife Kim Kardashian-West sits at No. 26, earning $72 million.

See Forbes’ top 25 highest paid celebrities, below:

1. Taylor Swift $185 M

Image result for taylor swift
2. Kylie Jenner $170 M

Image result for kylie jenner
3. Kanye West $150 M

Image result for kanye west
4. Lionel Messi $127 M

Image result for lionel messi smiling
5. Ed Sheeran $110 M

Image result for ed sheeran
6. Cristiano Ronaldo $109 M

Related image
7. Neymar $105 M

Image result for neymar
8. The Eagles  $100 M

Related image
9. Dr. Phil McGraw $95 M

Related image
10. Canelo Alvarez $94 M

Image result for Canelo Alvarez
11. Roger Federer $93.4 M

Image result for Roger Federer
12. Howard Stern $93 M

Image result for Howard Stern
13. J.K. Rowling $92 M

Related image
14. Russell Wilson $89.5 M

Related image
15. Dwayne Johnson $89.4 M

Image result for Dwayne Johnson
16. Aaron Rodgers $89.3 M

Image result for Aaron Rodgers
17. LeBron James $89 M

Image result for LeBron James
18. Rush Limbaugh $87 M

Image result for Rush Limbaugh
19. Elton John $84 M

Image result for Elton John
20. Jay-Z $81 M

Related image
20. Beyoncé Knowles $81 M

Image result for Beyoncé Knowles
22. Ellen DeGeneres $80.5 M

Related image
23. Stephen Curry $79.8 M

Image result for stephen curry
24. Chris Hemsworth $76.4 M

Image result for Chris Hemsworth
25. Drake $75 M

Image result for drake

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