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Taylor Swift’s New Documentary Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Get “raw” insight into Tay Tay’s life



Get ready, because Taylor Swift is coming to your screens.

Netflix has revealed an upcoming documentary into the life of the 29 – year – old titled “Taylor Swift: Miss Americana.”

The film, will give fans personal insights of the “Lover” singers life. According to Enews!, The documentary is “a raw and emotionally revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time, as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer, but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice.”

The biopic will have a world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January 2020 and Netflix plans to release it worldwide in early 2020, but an exact date is yet be known.

We’re trying hard to calm down, but we cannot wait for it to come out already!

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