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Taylor Swift’s Striped Down Of ‘Lover’ And ‘False God’ on ‘SNL’ Is To Die For!

Petition for Taylor to do a stripdown 'Lover' album!



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While Taylor Swift went full-on pop for her performances on ‘GMA’ and at Amazon’s Prime Day concert earlier this year, she took a different approach for her fifth appearance “Saturday Night Live.”

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For her opening song, the already sparse title track of her latest album, “Lover,” the singer performed entirely solo at a green piano, dressed entirely in green, using her unaccompanied format to draw out the song’s verses and especially the closing chorus. The performance showed off both her powerful command as a singer and the intricacies of the song, which is hands-down one of the best she’s ever written.Image result for taylor swift snl performance

The second song, “False God,” saw her accompanied by musicians and backing singers but was also low-key, as she moved amid a series of lights on the “SNL” stage.

Watch the songs down below:

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